Join Our Team at LemonTalks

At LemonTalks, we believe in the power of community and connections. Our recruitment philosophy is simple: we listen more when people root for you. That’s why we’ve tailored our application process to prioritize candidates who come through employee referrals or directly via LinkedIn. It’s our way of ensuring that our team grows with individuals who are not just talented but also come highly recommended by those we trust.

Employee Referrals

There’s something special about working with people who come recommended by our own team. It adds to our close-knit community and fosters an environment of trust and mutual respect from day one. If you know someone within LemonTalks, reach out to them! An employee referral could be your golden ticket to starting your journey with us.

LinkedIn Applications

We’re always on the lookout for brilliant minds to join our ranks, and LinkedIn is where we connect with potential team members. It’s your platform to shine and show us what makes you the perfect fit for LemonTalks. Ensure your profile is up-to-date and showcases your skills, experiences, and the unique touch you’d bring to our team.

Remote Friendly

Global Remote Team

The world is your office! LemonTalks embraces the digital nomad lifestyle by offering positions that allow you to work from anywhere. If you’re passionate about digital innovation and crave the flexibility to work remotely, we want to hear from you. Apply through LinkedIn, and let’s make magic together, no matter where you are.


Join Us In-Person

Prefer the vibrancy of a collaborative office environment? Our doors are open. LemonTalks has cultivated a creative and dynamic workspace that encourages innovation and teamwork. If you’re near one of our locations and are eager to contribute to our in-person buzz, get in touch through a LinkedIn application or an employee referral.

Ready to take the next step in your career?

At LemonTalks, we’re more than a digital agency; we’re a family of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and digital enthusiasts. Whether you’re joining us from across the globe or from our office, we promise an environment where your ideas are valued, your growth is prioritized, and your contributions shape the future of digital marketing. Start your LemonTalks journey today—where your career knows no boundaries, and every day is an opportunity to innovate and excel.